Announcement on the temporary removal of the iOS version of TokenPocket by the App Store



We are very sorry to inform you that TokenPocket APP was removed from App Store on Nov 3, 2021, for the reason that PayPal unilaterally filed a complaint with the TokenPocket trademark issue. We have received a lawyer’s letter from PayPal in 2021, which is about the dispute with our company’s trademark. We attach great importance to this and dispatched professionals to conduct research on both sides' trademarks, sorting out, and communicating in detail in the form of pictures and texts to explain the differences on both sides' trademarks. We want to resolve them in a friendly negotiation way, and PayPal has no more replies to this. TokenPocket started web3.0 related business in the blockchain industry as early as 2018. It is a leading crypto wallet service provider with more than tens of millions of users in more than 200 countries and regions. As a giant in the traditional Internet payment industry, PayPal began to invest in blockchain projects in 2019 and will have a corresponding landing action in 2021. We are currently having effective communication with App Store, and hope to settle the dispute through friendly negotiation with PayPal. At the same time, we also reserve the legal means to defend our rights. TokenPocket reminds the iOS users once again. Do not trust any proactive inquiry from anyone who claims to be an official. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Email: [email protected] Official website: