TokenPocket product policy adjustment instructions



In response to regulatory requirements, TokenPocket will release a new version and a new version of Mainland China IP from November 5, 2021 to remove the following applications, including but not limited to:


DAPP: DEX currency exchange currency

Staking: liquid land

DApps such as literature and derivatives


At the same time, the entire DeFi data will be removed from the shelves, as well as the market and information pages. TokenPocket will continue to retain the basic service functions of the wallet. Browsing, function impact, DApp browser, etc. can continue to be used. This process does not have any impact on the user's asset security. TokenPocket will study the implementation of the blockchain technology industry and continue to explore the work of digital wallets.


Currently, there are screens on the market to download the fraudulent language of the TokenPocket international version. TokenPocket solemnly declares that there is no international version of TokenPocket. Please beware of being deceived.


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