Download Tokenpocket

Pleaese use the browser to enter the official website of Tokenpocket - https://Tokenpocket.Pro/ Please look for the official website! Click [mobile] to install

Create a token

Please enter Tokenpocket. Since we didn't have a wallet before, let's create a wallet at first and click [no accounts].
Please choose the corresponding public chain to create a wallet, and then let's use the Bsc smart chain as an example!
Please create a password and a mnemonic phrase, writing the mnemonic phrase on paper, and making sure that you do not store it on the Internet through screenshots.
The mnemonic phrase is the key to your private wallet. Once you lost your mnemonic phrase, the wallet can never be opened. Since no third party can help with that, please keep it properly.
After the setting is completed, please type in the mnemonic phrase in right order and confirm that it is correct, after which you can enter the interface of Bsc chain wallet.
After successfully creating the wallet, click the plus button next to the search bar, then clicking the [custom token], clicking [add token], typing in the contract of cmpy token [0x3508947E2CeB77C2fC5E4294B68b2b2a55A30B0B], and clicking [confirm] to complete the connection to cmpy wallet.
Please click "Discover" and then click [Pancakeswap] to enter the trading interface.

Go to Pancakeswap to redeem Cmpy

Before proceeding with the exchanging operation,please click [Connect Wallet] in the upper right corner to connect to the wallet
Please set up the contract of Cmpy token that you want to exchange, and clicking [Select A Currency], draging it upwards, finding [Manage Tokens], clicking [Tokens], entering the contract of Cmpy token [0x3508947E2CeB77C2fC5E4294B68b2b2a55A30B0B], checking [I Understand], and clicking [Import].
Please click [Swap], then entering the amount to be exchanged (the system will automatically do the matching for you), and clicking [Swap] to enter the page of exchange confirmation; after confirming that the exchange information is correct, please click [Confirm Swap] to authorize;
After waiting patiently for authorization, please enter page of the payment, clicking [Transfer], and typing in the password of the wallet to complete the exchange. (Hint: You can click [Miner Fee] to customize the Gas fee.)

Go to Pancakeswap to Liquidity Cmpy

Go to Pancakeswap Liquidity to pledge BNB and CMPY to receive pledge interest.
If you cancel the pledge BNB and CMPY will be refunded to your TOKENPOCKET wallet.

Staking CMPY alone

Please refer to CMPY DEFI operating instructions.